Nashville Street Style and Fashion_2049

Nashville Street Style and Fashion_1990

This is my friend Susan, who’s from Ireland and based in London, but in town visiting her boyfriend Winston. I met Susan in Nashville about two years ago, while I was out scouring the streets for a portrait and waiting for inspiration to strike. She was walking along Charlotte Pike on a thrifting excursion, and definitely caught my eye. As you can see, she has a wonderful sense of style, so it comes as no surprise that she’s a stylist.

We’ve kept in touch ever since that chance encounter, and met up yesterday for coffee at Barista Parlor. It was really quite a dreary day, but as we stepped foot outside, the sky opened up and the most beautiful light came beaming down.

It always amazes me how much photography has been an integral part of my path and the ultimate temptress of fate. For me, it’s the chase mixed with spontaneity that keeps the passion burning. I guess the street is my oyster.

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