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I first caught wind of Rebekka Seale and her work when I was perusing Frankie, and saw that Nashville was lit up on the Australian publication’s website. Through Rebekka’s feature, I was introduced to her work and naturally became a fan. Aside from Rebekka’s gorgeous house portraits and illustrations, her blog is also a well-curated look into her life and has become a site that I check regularly. Above is a glimpse of her charming studio nestled in her home that’s dripping with the most stunning interior design. She’s a girl of many talents!

Your paintings and illustrations are absolutely beautiful and meticulously done. When did it click that you wanted to pursue art full-time and your unique signature style evolve?

I studied art in college, but was afraid that I couldn’t make a living as an artist, so I went a different route and became a pastry chef. I spent a few years working in bakeries and owning a small cake business, but ultimately realized that it wasn’t really authentic for me. My sweet husband encouraged me to drop everything and pursue art and illustration full-time, so I did exactly that about three years ago.

When did you get your first big break as an artist?

Within the first year of quitting my “day job”, I was fortunate enough to have some pretty steady illustration work with a couple of different companies. But about a year and a half ago, Design Sponge featured my house portraits on their website, and all craziness broke loose! Since then, I have been having a hard time keeping my head above water, but it’s been super exciting and fun.

What are some of your go to sources for inspiration?

I get so much inspiration from books and travel. I re-read my favorite books over and over again (lots of Carson McCullers and Madeleine L’Engle), which always fill my head with the richest imagery. And whenever I can, I visit my favorite cities: New Orleans, Brooklyn and Fairhope. Sometimes, just the act of setting aside my daily routine is all I need to smash a creative block!

You’re from the Alabama Gulf coast area, but now reside in Nashville. Are there any hidden gems, or must see places and cities in Alabama that you would recommend scoping out?

My hometown of Fairhope, Alabama is about as gemmy as they come! It’s a tiny city that was founded in the late 1800’s as a utopian, single-tax artists’ community, and it’s one of the most beautiful places you’ll ever see. It slopes along the Eastern shore of Mobile Bay, and the whole city is covered in flowers and a tattered curtain of Spanish moss. Lots of  artists and writers make their homes there, in the “fruit and nut” district, which is named after the trees that populate the area. But, it also appeals to the eccentric residents too!

If money wasn’t an option, and you had an entire Saturday to indulge and wander around Nashville, what would you do?

I would spend the entirety of the day navigating Nashville’s amazing antique store/flea market scene and buy everything. Then I would eat pizzas and drink wine on the porch at City House.

Do you have any tips for aspiring artists?

Yes! Set aside an entire year of your life and put every last bit of expendable energy into your business!!! I know it sounds intense, but developing a coherent portfolio and marketing your work on the Internet is a full-time job. It takes a lot of work and patience, but it will pay off.


  1. I’m trying to find out if Rebekka Seale is still painting and if so, is taking orders for a custom home portrait. She’s amazing! Her website and Etsy pages aren’t available for viewing… please help!

    Thank you 🙂

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