Nashville Street style

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Jamie and the Jones_6574

Jamie and the Jones 1

Jamie and the Jones_6199

Jamie and the Jones_6525

Jamie and the Jones 2

Jamie and the Jones_6550

This is Hannah Jones (and her brand new Nashville studio space!) who’s one half of the duo, Jamie and the Jones. The co-designed line also includes Jamie Frazier who’s currently living in Seoul, South Korea where she’s developing the brand. The two friends met at O’More School of Design and have been working together ever since combining their similar aesthetics that lean towards clean silhouettes and meticulous handwork — I’m talking knitting, crochet, embroidery, beading and hand painting. These gals do it all.

Be sure to check out their beautiful collections here.

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Josi Faye + Annie Williams

Josi Faye_5498

Josi Faye 1

Josi Faye_5489

Josi Faye 2

Josi Faye_5483

Josi Faye_5436

Josi Faye_5471

Annie Williams_5515

Annie Williams_5511

Annie Williams_5536

Annie Williams_5503

Some of you might remember my studio visit with handbag designer Annie Williams, but since then, Annie’s Germantown space has evolved and you’ll now find Han Starnes of Josi Faye quietly working away in the charming loft above. Josi Faye focuses on knitwear, which is created and knitted by hand or on hand-operated knitting machines, and each piece is produced in limited runs. Keeping minimal design at the forefront, Annie still specializes in leather bag construction where she uses hides from vintage sources or Horween Tannery in small batches, meaning each collection is limited as well.

As you can see, both ladies have a similar aesthetic and their studio spaces mesh perfectly. Combining their talents, the designers have also teamed up to create some unique pieces such as their new home collection.

Be sure to check out Annie’s leather bag collection here and Han’s knitwear line here.

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United Record Pressing

United Record Pressing_4977

United Record Pressing

United Record Pressing 2

United Record Pressing 3

United Record Pressing 4

United Record Pressing_4897

United Record Pressing_4889

United Record Pressing_5067

United Record Pressing 5

United Record Pressing 6

United Record Pressing 7

United Record Pressing 8

United Record Pressing 9

United Record Pressing_5136

Behold United Record Pressing, the holy grail of vinyl and largest record pressing plant in the United States. In operation since 1949 (formerly under the moniker “Southern Plastics”), this plant dates back to pressing the first 7-inch Beatles records in North America, to now where they’re creating everything from liquid center vinyl, tri-color vinyl and unique sizing such as 5″, 8″, 13″ records — this is just the tip of their rich history and innovation.

Walk into the factory and every artist you can imagine is being sweetly pressed and packaged. Walk upstairs, and you’ll find the “Motown Suite,” a fully functioning apartment-style living space that was created specifically for their top clients (Motown, Vee-Jay Records) being run by people of color during the ’60s when the south was still segregated. The spacious top floor above the factory includes a common area with a bar and turntable, party room, full bathroom, bedroom (complete with a pair of mystery shoes) and kitchen. The best part is, they’ve kept almost all the original furnishings and ’60s decor.

If you’re itching to check out the plant for yourself, they offer tours every Friday at 11AM for only $10. Get ready to see this well-oiled machine roar.

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Step Back

Bonnaroo Street Style_4923


Bonnaroo Street Style 3

Bonnaroo Street Style 2


Bonnaroo Street Style_4971

Bonnaroo Street Style_5123

Bonnaroo Street Style_5181

Bonnaroo Street Style_4170

After a busy week of securing music festival coverage and hard drive clean outs, I came across some Bonnaroo photos from last year that have sadly been idle in a folder — sorry I forgot about you!

Music festivals are usually a flurry of activity, and can be somewhat overwhelming to shoot at times. But in the thick of it, I will always try my best to create some peace out of the noise. Factoring in the challenge and actually getting the shot is the sweetest victory.

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Union Station Hotel

Union Station Hotel_4840

Union Station Hotel_4752

Union Station Hotel_4769

Union Station Hotel 1

Union Station Hotel 2

Union Station Hotel 3

Union Station Hotel_4786

Union Station Hotel_4821

Union Station Hotel_4815

Union Station Hotel 4

Union Station Hotel_4876

Welcome to Union Station Hotel, which used to be a 19th-century railroad station in downtown Nashville. Both inside and out, you’ll find Victorian architecture and Gothic design in every detail. The original 65-foot stained glass ceiling adorned with gold-leaf medallions, oak-accents and Italian marble floors will make you stop and stare.

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Leiper’s Fork

Leiper's Fork_4441

Leiper's Fork_4516

Leiper's Fork 4

Leiper's Fork 2

Leiper's Fork 3

Leiper's Fork_4147

Leiper's Fork 1

Leiper's Fork 5

Leiper's Fork 6

Leiper's Fork_4472

Leiper's Fork 7

Leiper's Fork 8

Leiper's Fork_4383

Spent a couple hours on Saturday happily exploring around Leiper’s Fork. It’s a small Tennessee town, but full of beauty everywhere you look.

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