On the Street: Colfax Avenue

Well, hello everyone! My, it’s been a while. Four years to be exact (!), but I wanted to drop in and say hi – how’s life been treating you?

For a quick update on me, I’m still living in Denver and working at the same marketing agency I moved out here for. As well, I have a new member of my family, Zeke! He’s a black French Bulldog, and it’s hard to imagine what life was like before this 20 pound creature came into my life. Because it’s 2018, he’s got his own Insta page 😉 check him out here if you’d like.

I’m hoping to drop by a little more often, because I miss blogging and all the wonderful readers like you I’ve come across through this blog. It’s my goal to pick up where I left off with documenting On the Street happenings in Colorado. I started with Colfax Avenue, because there’s just so much happening. Once deemed the “Longest, Wickedest Street in America”, all 26 miles of it has a plethora of personality peppered throughout every nook and cranny – some good, some grit, and some just straight up kitschy.

This mini photo series doesn’t scratch the surface with all it has to offer, but if you’re in the area and looking, here are some spots I’d recommend:

Eat & Drink:



Music Venues:

Outdoor Hangs:


Catch ya on the street next time!

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