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Nisolo Shoes_2811

Nisolo Shoes 1

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Nisolo Shoes 2

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Nisolo Shoes 3

Welcome to Nisolo’s spiffy showroom and offices located at the ever-evolving 100 Taylor Street Arts Collective building. A socially conscious brand, Nisolo offers a variety of beautiful handcrafted leather shoes, bags and accessories constructed by artisans in Peru. Advocates for sustainable development throughout impoverished regions of the world, they’re able to give their Peruvian shoemakers a consistent job to support their livelihood. Props to them for creating high-quality leather goods that represent and enforce positive change.

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Storybook Cottage

Storybook Cottage Leiper's Fork_1355

Storybook Cottage Leiper's Fork_1310

Storybook Cottage Leiper's Fork 1

Storybook Cottage Leiper's Fork 2

IMG_1389 copy

Storybook Cottage Leiper's Fork 3

Storybook Cottage Leiper's Fork 4

Storybook Cottage Leiper's Fork 5

On Sunday, I packed up an overnight bag and ventured to Storybook Cottage in Leiper’s Fork. A little house so charming, your mind naturally creates its own whimsical story in its embrace. My check in wasn’t until three, so I set out ahead of time to explore around Leiper’s Fork. It unfortunately rained all day, but some of you might remember this post I did on the area here.

Hoping the rain would simmer out, I ended up driving a little too far on Natchez Trace and came dangerously close to running out of gas. I took the next available exit, and landed in Santa Fe. Thankfully, after asking some locals, I found a mom and pop store to fill up at. I’d like to explore around these small counties a bit more one day.

Feel free to read about or book your stay at Storybook Cottage through Shelter + Roost, where they also have four other rental properties to choose from. Even if you live in the area, it’s a great mini vacation to just recharge and take a breather.

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Memphis Street Style_0477

Beauty Shop Restaurant Memphis_0211

Lorraine Motel Memphis_0255

Memphis 1

Memphis Street Style

Memphis 3

P & H Cafe Memphis_0347

Memphis 4

Memphis 5

Some of the places, people and things that caught my eye in Memphis yesterday.

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Pennyweight Pop Up

Elise Joseph_0076

Elise Joseph_9863

Elise Joseph_9996

Elise Joseph_9994

Elise Joseph

Elise Joseph_9862

Elise Joseph_9857

Elise Joseph_9858

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Elise Joseph 2

Elise Joseph 3

Elise Joseph_9960

Elise Joseph_9941

Elise Joseph_0089

My talented and sweet friend Elise Joseph of Pennyweight hosted her very first pop-up yesterday at The Poston House: a quaint two-story building close to Centennial Park. The event was filled with unique pieces made by local and national artisans hand selected by Elise. A respected curator, stylist and blogger, Elise is now also pursuing a lifelong dream: opening her own storefront. The pop-up was a nice taste of what to expect, and I can’t wait to see what she does next.

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Parlour & Juke

Parlour & Juke_7704

Parlour & Juke 2

Parlour & Juke 1

Parlour & Juke_7608

Parlour & Juke_7630

Parlour & Juke 3

Parlour & Juke_7733

Parlour & Juke_7744

Parlour & Juke_7649

Parlour & Juke_7735

Parlour & Juke 6

Parlour & Juke 4

Parlour & Juke 5

Parlour & Juke_7565

Excited to share with you a feature I wrote for Huckberry on Nashville’s very own Parlour & Juke. Read the entire piece here.

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Josi Faye + Annie Williams

Josi Faye_5498

Josi Faye 1

Josi Faye_5489

Josi Faye 2

Josi Faye_5483

Josi Faye_5436

Josi Faye_5471

Annie Williams_5515

Annie Williams_5511

Annie Williams_5536

Annie Williams_5503

Some of you might remember my studio visit with handbag designer Annie Williams, but since then, Annie’s Germantown space has evolved and you’ll now find Han Starnes of Josi Faye quietly working away in the charming loft above. Josi Faye focuses on knitwear, which is created and knitted by hand or on hand-operated knitting machines, and each piece is produced in limited runs. Keeping minimal design at the forefront, Annie still specializes in leather bag construction where she uses hides from vintage sources or Horween Tannery in small batches, meaning each collection is limited as well.

As you can see, both ladies have a similar aesthetic and their studio spaces mesh perfectly. Combining their talents, the designers have also teamed up to create some unique pieces such as their new home collection.

Be sure to check out Annie’s leather bag collection here and Han’s knitwear line here.

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