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Heidi Jewell Denver Colorado

Heidi Jewell Denver Colorado

Heidi Jewell Denver Colorado

Heidi Jewell Denver Colorado

Heidi Jewell Denver Colorado

Heidi Jewell Denver Colorado

Heidi Jewell Denver Colorado

Heidi Jewell Denver Colorado

Heidi Jewell Denver Colorado

Hi, friends! How’s your week going? It’s finally starting to feel like spring here in Denver after all the random snow we’ve been getting throughout April. Very much ready for the warmer temps and beautiful cherry blossoms to fully pop!

Wanted to hop on here and share some photos of Congress Park neighborhood. It’s quickly turned into one of my favorite spots in Denver for its small town atmosphere. While the actual park isn’t as grandiose as the surrounding ones like Cheeseman and City Park, the neighborhood itself is quiet and picturesque, with beautiful tree-lined streets home to cute bungalows, and a delightful mix of shops, restaurants and cultural attractions — all just 3 miles from downtown.

If you’re in Denver, here’s your guide to the hood. Be sure to drop me a comment on what you think!

Guide to Congress Park:

Meet friends at TAG Burger Bar for a locally sourced burger (turkey, salmon and veggie options, too) paired with a shake or craft cocktail, or reserve a spot at 12@Madison for small plates from chef Jeff OsakaSweet Cooie’s ice cream shop is a must-stop for fresh ice cream and handmade waffle cones and confections. And Shells and Sauce has excellent Italian. 12th Avenue Market is an adorable corner shop, and Wild Flowers is the perfect place to pick up home, garden gifts and flowers. Tree-lined 7th Avenue Parkway is great for long walks or short bike rides – and you’re also within walking distance of Cheesman Park, Denver Botanic Gardens, Cherry Creek’s shops, East Colfax, neighborhood farmers markets and even a Trader Joe’s.

Catch ya on the street next time!

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The color, the architecture! This, my friends, is Baker Neighborhood. Catty-corner to Wash Park and Lincoln Park, Baker has a robust historic and colorful offering that includes a Collegiate Gothic school, Frank Lloyd Wright-inspired library and quirky Arts and Crafts Bungalows. The structures were built in the Queen Anne Style and are prime examples of Victorian Architecture.

It’s also proximity to Broadway’s Main Street, which offers diverse shopping, dining and entertainment options. Definitely worth checking out if you’re in the area! I was so inspired by all the color and design.

Catch ya on the street next time!

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Well, hello everyone! My, it’s been a while. Four years to be exact (!), but I wanted to drop in and say hi – how’s life been treating you?

For a quick update on me, I’m still living in Denver and working at the same marketing agency I moved out here for. As well, I have a new member of my family, Zeke! He’s a black French Bulldog, and it’s hard to imagine what life was like before this 20 pound creature came into my life. Because it’s 2018, he’s got his own Insta page 😉 check him out here if you’d like.

I’m hoping to drop by a little more often, because I miss blogging and all the wonderful readers like you I’ve come across through this blog. It’s my goal to pick up where I left off with documenting On the Street happenings in Colorado. I started with Colfax Avenue, because there’s just so much happening. Once deemed the “Longest, Wickedest Street in America”, all 26 miles of it has a plethora of personality peppered throughout every nook and cranny – some good, some grit, and some just straight up kitschy.

This mini photo series doesn’t scratch the surface with all it has to offer, but if you’re in the area and looking, here are some spots I’d recommend:

Eat & Drink:



Music Venues:

Outdoor Hangs:


Catch ya on the street next time!

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Lyons, CO


IMG_8451 copy


IMG_8394 copy





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Silver Plume

Dram Apothecary_8138

Silver Plume, CO_8254

Silver Plume, CO_8176  Silver Plume, CO_8234

Silver Plume, CO_8112  Silver Plume, CO_8243

Silver Plume, CO_8186  Silver Plume, CO_8148

Silver Plume, CO_8251

Silver Plume, CO_8132  Silver Plume, CO_8203

Silver Plume, CO_8277  Silver Plume, CO_8108

Silver Plume, CO_8284

I set off on Saturday to explore Silver Plume (population roughly 170) with eager intentions of seeing Dram Apothecary. Silly me, I didn’t even check their hours (they were closed), but this little town still held my imagination and curiosity tightly. I’m just a plain old sucker for small town charm. Add in a place enclosed by the mountains? Gone, bye, just write me off. It’s a love hate relationship when I’m so visually overloaded I can’t stand it. Took a break inside Silver Plume Tea House with a cup of hot tea by a window seat and watched how the waitresses interacted with locals in the softest way. But my attention was continuously jerked to the mountains as the weather changed so rapidly in the most fascinating way. It didn’t faze anyone but me. Just a typical day in Colorado.

This was the first Saturday in months that I had no travel obligations or plans, and this town completely rejuvenated me. It felt like a little slice of home.

Colorado, you’ve already captured my mind in the best way possible.

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Boulder CO_7974

Boulder CO Street Style

Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art_7982

Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art_8019

Boulder CO 2

Boulder CO_7853

Boulder CO 3

Boxcar Coffee Roasters_7968

Hello, everyone! Phew, this is the first Saturday in awhile I’ve had a moment to touch base with you. In other words, hi from Colorado! This summer has been layered mayhem with travel and starting my new job, but I’m finally starting to feel settled in my new home state.

Boulder, Boulder, Boulder. I can’t say enough about how great this city is. I’ve only visited a couple times so far, but have quickly learned that this small powerhouse of a city is leading the natural food movement. It’s also decked out with intriguing specialty shops, museums, and of course, the University of Colorado Boulder. As well, the Rockies are situated right in the heart of the city + offer plenty of hiking trails.

This is just a very small glimpse of what I was able to capture during an afternoon stroll in the city. My favorite places so far have been Boxcar Coffee Roasters, Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art, The Kitchen, Zeal Optics, LON Little Shop, Oak, Dushanbe Tea House, Cedar & Hyde Mercantile, and the Colorado Chautauqua.

Much more to come. But in the meantime, if you’re on Instagram, feel free to follow along as I capture even more snaps of this beautiful state and my travels.

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