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Home for the Holidays

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Hey all, I hope you had a wonderful Christmas! I was home in New Hampshire for the holiday, and as always, it was a satisfying trip surrounded by family and friends. From small town sightings, little Maui (my sister and brother in-law’s new pup (!), to my mom’s baking and my dad’s workshop, I cherish my small town upbringing that’s a constant reflection of old, and now new memories. So many changes continue to happen, but when I come home, it’s that same rock-solid environment I grew up in. The older I get, the more I cherish the people and place that built me. This time last year, I would of never guessed I’d be living in Colorado working for a company and clients that continue to inspire me on a daily basis. That, all while ultimately falling in love with the west side of life. I can’t wait to look back on 2015 this time time next year and reflect on all the new changes.

Happy New Year to you all! See you in 2015.

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Bits & Pieces




Colorado Cabins_8533   Colorado Cabins_8536




Just some bits & pieces from hiking around Boulder yesterday. Ended up getting way up there and exploring around Flagstaff, too. Something about being that far up and just hearing the wind roar like mad made me so happy. It was 60 in Denver, but in those mountains, closer to 30 (the sun most certainly kept some warmth). My dad lived in Colorado for years, and continues to warn me how drastic those mountains are. That wind had me whipping around, but I packed a winter jacket which most certainly came in handy. And those cabins? Wow, what a dream to live in one so far up with such stunning views. No trespassing signs were marked every mile or so (sneaky me, I still caught a couple shots). I’m sure folks up there live quite secluded lives, but hey, to each their own. Nature through the good and bad is a pretty spectacular beast.

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Lyons, CO


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Silver Plume

Dram Apothecary_8138

Silver Plume, CO_8254

Silver Plume, CO_8176  Silver Plume, CO_8234

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Silver Plume, CO_8284

I set off on Saturday to explore Silver Plume (population roughly 170) with eager intentions of seeing Dram Apothecary. Silly me, I didn’t even check their hours (they were closed), but this little town still held my imagination and curiosity tightly. I’m just a plain old sucker for small town charm. Add in a place enclosed by the mountains? Gone, bye, just write me off. It’s a love hate relationship when I’m so visually overloaded I can’t stand it. Took a break inside Silver Plume Tea House with a cup of hot tea by a window seat and watched how the waitresses interacted with locals in the softest way. But my attention was continuously jerked to the mountains as the weather changed so rapidly in the most fascinating way. It didn’t faze anyone but me. Just a typical day in Colorado.

This was the first Saturday in months that I had no travel obligations or plans, and this town completely rejuvenated me. It felt like a little slice of home.

Colorado, you’ve already captured my mind in the best way possible.

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