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Just some bits & pieces from hiking around Boulder yesterday. Ended up getting way up there and exploring around Flagstaff, too. Something about being that far up and just hearing the wind roar like mad made me so happy. It was 60 in Denver, but in those mountains, closer to 30 (the sun most certainly kept some warmth). My dad lived in Colorado for years, and continues to warn me how drastic those mountains are. That wind had me whipping around, but I packed a winter jacket which most certainly came in handy. And those cabins? Wow, what a dream to live in one so far up with such stunning views. No trespassing signs were marked every mile or so (sneaky me, I still caught a couple shots). I’m sure folks up there live quite secluded lives, but hey, to each their own. Nature through the good and bad is a pretty spectacular beast.


  1. Stunning photos! I head out to Colorado for Christmas with the family every year. Can’t wait to make the trip! Christmas in Colorado is the most magical time of year.

    • Thanks, Chaucee! Love it out here. Hope you have a great Christmas break once you’re out 🙂 I’m sure you’ll capture some beautiful photos!

  2. I love the shots of the mountains over the trees! Those views are totally worth some wind and chill.


    • Thank you for the kind words, Katie! Absolutely worth it for the view 🙂

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