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As you enter the Nash Stream region, there’s a dirt road that pierces through the deepest of forests into a town of zero population: Odell, NH. Situated in the Great North Woods and nestled in between two peaks, is a family cabin nicknamed 14 ½ (the exact mileage from downtown Groveton). It’s been around since 1945 and was built by my grandfather Granville, and his two brothers Bill and John Jewell. My grandfather and his brothers have long passed away, but they left ownership options to my dad and some uncles.

When you hike up to this neck of the woods (fair warning, it’s not an easy process getting to this camp), you trade in the luxury of electricity and running water for the freshest mountain air and most beautiful sights. Start your day off with boiling water for coffee and cooking breakfast on the six-burner gas stove. Then brush your teeth on the dock and cast out your fishing line. Come night, climb up the ladder to the loft in the pitch dark for a deep sleep. While lying there, you can listen to the pine trees brushing against each other in the wind that will lull you to sleep. Staying here in the winter? Let’s just say this place is a whole different story.

To me, this small New Hampshire area is not only visually stunning and full of seasonal opportunities, but it’s also packed with family memorabilia and lifelong memories.

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