Kentucky Derby

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12_Alyssa Maerz_3284

11_Yurie Pascarella_3259

17_Bess Chambliss_3329


20_Criselda Breene_3360

10_Kristen Pflum_3174

6_Megan Radermacher_2999

28_Krysten Ritter_3449

33_Jill Crawford_2958

45_Kellie Pean_3221

7_Sofia Tollander_3101

I spent some time at Churchill Downs over the weekend photographing all the fabulous fashion for at the Kentucky Derby. This has always been one of my favorite events to photograph because I grew up riding horses and competing on a world level. I hope to get back into riding one day, but until then, my yearly trip to the Derby will have to do!

Above are a few of my favorite shots, but you can check out the entire spread on ELLE here.


  1. These are beautiful photographs. You even captured San Francisco’s own darling fashionista Yurie Pascarella (#3)!

  2. eeep! Love them! and I TOTALLY just ordered that floral Max and Cleo dress; now I’m even more excited to wear it!

    XO Sahra

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