Supper + Song: The Ettes and Ultras S/C

Confession: Imogene + Willie throw some of the best summer shindigs in town. You’ve heard me rant about them before and last night’s get together was up to par with all the others. The Ettes and Ultras S/C provided tunes, Mas Tacos dished the grub and The Peach Truck made sure you left with a bagged sweet treat. I love to wander into I+W with my camera because the store always seems to have a new piece or some sort of beautiful arrangement that I must photograph. I tell ya, true artists and taste makers over there.

Also wanted to quickly note how proud I am of all the national attention our city has been given via The New York Times and GQ. Everyone has their opinion on the pieces but at the end of the day we should celebrate the fact that we live is such a prosperous and downright cool place. Cheers to that!

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