You Ought To Know Nashville: Blackstone and Jackalope

Nashville’s craft beer scene has been booming, so I’m thrilled to show you two of my favorite establishments in town who pump out that frothy goodness on a daily basis: Blackstone Brewpub & Brewery and Jackalope Brewing.

Rain and gnarly humidity aside, we started our day off at Kent Taylor and Stephanie Wein’s bottling facility. These two have long been beer aficionados, which explains why their brews are top notch. The precision and expertise they’ve brought to the craft beer scene is impressive, and truly makes me proud that they’re a Nashville based company. The facility is run like a well-oiled machine, and it’s apparent their expertise has come with years of practice and knowledge, which shows through their product.

After a quick beer tasting and bite to eat at Blackstone’s West End restaurant, we scurried off to Jackalope Brewery. The difference between these two places is night and day, but Bailey and Robyn pack a punch in their Old Made Good decked out brewery, and it shows through their handcrafted beers. These women have their finger on the pulse, and are steadily climbing the ladder within the craft beer scene.

I think it’s great that both Blackstone and Jackalope have a friendly working relationship and continue to learn from each other, as craft beer is a science where precision is essential. I highly recommend taking a tour of each establishment. Just make sure to bring along plenty of growlers.

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