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You know those days when you have an irresistible craving and need to feed it or you’ll just be miserable? That was me, this afternoon, lusting after a cheeseburger.

I hadn’t been to Brown’s Diner in awhile, so I decided that would be the place to head on this gloomy day for a bite. I walked in the door at 12:00 and it was very quiet with only a couple regulars perched at the bar. With the gorgeous early afternoon light trickling in through the textured window glass and charming, unassuming wait staff quietly setting up for the afternoon rush, I couldn’t help but feel right at home and want to document the diner’s natural ambiance and decor.

Good people, thrilling stories and rich content exceeded my craving for a cheeseburger this afternoon.


  1. Love the detailing in the photography. Some real atmospheric shots.

  2. I would love to go with you on one of these excursions some time and just see how you work. Also, to just catch up and chat!

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